Our purpose

ZMBIZI. Named after the Great African River. An ecosystem that nourishes millions of people. Abbreviated to be spelt differently. The BIZ in the word stands for Business – ZMBIZI is the Business tool for communities across the globe. The IZI in the word stands for Easy. ZMBIZI is an extremely convenient way to manage your on screen interactions

Introducing ZMBIZI TAP and PAY™
The World's First POS Phone

We have created the world's first smartphone that allows you to accept in person contactless payments.

  • No hefty transactions fees or card readers

    With ZMBIZI TAP and PAY™ — once you are approved — your business can now accept payments on your Z1 phone. There is no need to carry any card readers. This is a convenient solution if you work on the go.

You can even download our app on any NFC capable Android Smartphone.

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