Introducing the ZmBIZI Z1 Smartphone

The phone
that pays you

With ZmBIZI (zam-bee-zee) you can now get rewarded for your Mobile phone actions such as searching, sharing and shopping with our select group of screen partners.

So far this happens to be my best
tech purchase in 2021!

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How it works

Here's a quick snapshot of how you can get paid by using some of our screen offerings.


Visual search & shop

Use the CamShop App to do a visual search for a product you've been eyeing. We will match you with a retailer for the exact product or the closest to it. When you buy it you get rewarded. Simple.


Yahoo search

Discover a personalized experience like never before with Yahoo Search. Get local weather, sports scores, breaking news, entertainment and business updates.


Data earnings

Turn your data into ZmBIZI reward points with BIGtoken.


The best app finder

Get paid while you discover apps, games, and do a little shopping. Our app finder helps you find the apps that make sense for you.

Convert rewards to real money

ZmBIZI phone comes with a free ZmBIZI Black Debit card powered by Mastercard*.
You can redeem from your rewards wallet straight to your Debit card. Go spend at any store or go to the ATM and withdraw cash.

ZmBIZI phone, rewards wallet app with black Mastacard debit card

Your ZmBIZI Z1 is also
your smartPOS

With ZMBIZI TAP AND PAY® – once you are approved – your business can now accept payments on your Z1 phone. There is no need to carry any card readers. This is a convenient solution if you work on the go. Perfect for mobile hairdressers, fitness instructors, food truck owners, cab drivers, market traders and more.

Accept payments from:

Visa, masta card, Apple Pay and Google Pay
phone screen demonstarting the Tap and Pay feature

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"Tap and Pay" is a registered trademark of ZmBIZI
*Subject to Final Terms and Conditions

Man holding the ZmBIZI Z1 phone and taking a photo

Unlocked Dual SIM GSM Phone

Contract free.

USA - works on AT&T and T-Mobile only
Rest of the World – works on any GSM 3G/4G Network

  • THX Spatial Audio
  • 6.23" Display with Gorilla Glass
  • NFC SmartPOS
  • Dual Camera
  • Active Video Player
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Shipping Included (USA only)
  • 128GB+4GB Memory
  • Music Video Creator
  • 4G LTE Android 9.0
  • Fingerprint Sensor

Get it now. Pay in 4. Interest free.

Buy now for $296 or spread the cost over 4 monthly installments of $74 at 0% interest.

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