Get Paid To Use Your Phone

Earn points anywhere, by using the Z1 the same way you would use any other phone. Except this time we actually pay you for it.

The ZmBIZI phone displaying rewards
The ZmBIZI phone displaying rewards

The Phone That Rewards You For Your Time

We have created the world’s first smartphone that allows you to accept contactless payments and turn your time into cash.

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    0% Financing

    Can’t pay right now? You can purchase our phone with a monthly plan and zero percent financing.

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    Contract Free

    Don’t get tied down by 12 month contracts and hidden fees from other phone companies.

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    Unlocked Dual SIM GSM

    You can use the ZmBIZI Z1 phone with any GSM 3G/4G network.

How It Works

We created a seamless process for merchants. Get started accepting payments in just 3 steps.


Get Approved

Once you've purchased your Z1 device, fill in your online merchant application through your ZmBIZI Z1.


Get Activated

Activate your ZmBIZI tap and pay by following the step by step instructions on your phone or email.


Set Up Portal

Once your Z1 is activated, build your merchant portal by adding your products and services to your sales catalogue.


Convert your time into cash

Earn cash by using your phone any other way you would use your current phone. The only difference here is that we pay you for your time.

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I love to earn cash while waiting for my train

Slim Phone. Packed with Power.

Even though our phone is extremely slim it's packing a lot of power from THX ® Sound Performance to Bulletproof glass we got you.

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Set Up Portal

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches.


Maintain Security

Our fingerprint sensor makes sure that your phone is protected and that your data doesn't get into the wrong hands.


12-Month Warranty

We have a 12 month warranty and provide a comprehensive Nationwide after sales repair and return service.


The ZmBIZI Z1 ®

The world's first POS phone that turns time into cash.


Starting at $74/mo with 0% Financing. Prequalify now

Accept payments anywhere without clunky card readers and get paid cash to use your phone the way you would use any other phone.