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THX: Customized spatial audio for your ear

With THX® Spatial Audio we are bringing you a custom sound for your ears only. That's right, you're special.

THX Spatial Audio technology brings deep immersion and incredible realism to music, movies, streaming and gaming on the go. It enhances stereo and surround sound to deliver the highest level of audio that intensifies soundscapes in all forms of entertainment. Using a cloud-based deep learning system that is based on a photo of your ear, THX Spatial Audio authentically replicates the sensation of hearing sounds in the real world.

(THX and the THX Logo are the property of THX Ltd., registered in the U.S. and other countries.)

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Movi logo Gesture control video editing

Lights. Camera. ACTION! Ok, ok- cut. Like having a film crew in your hands. ZmBIZI’s shortcut gesture controlled video editing capabilities make your director's dreams come true.

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Get millions of songs at your fingertips with the pre-loaded iHeartRadio app on your ZmBIZI smartphone.

iHeartRadio connects fans to their favorite music, radio, and personalities through thousands of live radio stations from across the country, millions of custom artist stations and podcasts from the world's biggest talents.