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Get started with everything you need to know about your new Z1 ZmBIZI Smartphone.

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Dual SIM

Insert your SIM card using the provided SIM tool. ZmBIZI is an unlocked device. Currently accepts AT&T and T-Mobile prepaid sim cards only.

Z1 with micro and nano SIM cards

Transferring your data

To bring all of your texts and data (photos, music, contacts, and apps) to your new phone, turn off:

  • iMessage, Facetime, and Device Management in your iPhone Settings
  • iTunes encryption in the iTunes app on your computer

For iPhone help, go to g.co/imessagehelp

If your are coming from an Android device, continue to setup up your ZmBIZI phone, or follow the transfer guide for your old phone at g.co/datatransferhelp

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