The mobile phone pays you to use and includes spatial audio

CES 2020 Las Vegas is keeping its doors open, and more many phones have a learning passion that we've seen over a long period of time. The first to arrive was the OnePlus Concept One, a mobile concept with cameras appearing and disappearing, and later it became the first mobile opportunity with electronic color ink, a HiSense function. Now, on this third day of technology, the audio and video firm THX Founded by Gerge Lucas in 1983, he co-founded an unknown company – create your first mobile phone with "spatial noise". But that is not his only secret.

And that's what you call it ZMBIZI Smartphone – Yes, that's his real name. without having audio technology is more common in movie theaters than mobile, promises to be one of the first smartphones paying user with the simple fact of using it.

ZMBIZI Smartphone, all the mobile information you pay to use

The main asset of this curious phone is among the compilation of technologies developed by THX. According to the product, ZMBIZI Smartphone is the first mobile phone on the market to receive certification THX Spatial Audio Technology, which according to the product's CEO "gave the user a sound built into their recording anatomy."

To provide this program, a user will be required take a picture of your ear, the program will then translate using the machine learning to produce a normal sound profile baptized "HRTF" or Head Transfer Function, which according to the brand doubles the feeling of listen to the real world When headphones are used.

However, that is one of the wonders of the ZMBIZI terminal. And the terminal comes along free banking card users of the phones to benefit from. How so? Easy: to brand, just use your mobile buy, search or share products, and its platform will "reward" the user with payments that will be transferred from the salary portfolio to the Debt card.

Other highlights about the device are the installation of 6.23-inch Full HD screen

processor MediaTek Helio P70 With 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, battery 3450 mAh and a 12 and 5 megapixel dual rear camera. It also has GPS, NFC, dual SIM and Android 9 Pie as an app.

The terminal can now be booked from the product's official website at a price of $ 25. Its launch is scheduled for the end of this first season, and its price is about to 389 euros. It will be available for the first time in the United States, though the brand says it aims to increase availability, both for its program and its rewards program, in other countries in the short term.