Introducing ZMBIZI; The phone that pays you

NEW YORKDec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- "Does the world really need another phone?" says Alpesh Patel, Co-Founder of ZMBIZI. "Our answer is no. What the world needs is for today's mobile user to be recognized, respected and rewarded for his/her screen usage. This is why we created ZMBIZI. A new category within Mobile Telecoms."

ZmBIZI phone front and back


ZMBIZI is a patented Super App ecosystem designed to empower the person who uses it. Benjamin Franklin said, "Time is money." And with ZmBIZI's proprietary rewards wallet a user's time is monetarily rewarded via the complimentary ZMBIZI Debit card.

A combination of both hardware and software with a curated Fintech, HealthTech and AdTech experience, ZMBIZI engenders personal productivity. It also features its own inbuilt Point of Sale NFC technology that will empower approved Micro merchants to accept contactless payments on the go.

ZMBIZI also features cutting edge Spatial Audio, an interactive gesture-controlled video player and music video creation technology. A first in the Smartphone industry.

"The name ZMBIZI is derived from the great African river Zambezi," says Patel. "The letters BIZ signify its importance as a business tool and the letters IZI simply means it's so easy to use. With more mobile users looking for speed and convenience – this really is their all-in-one solution."

ZMBIZI launches January 2021 with pre-orders now available at www.zmbizi.com.

ZMBIZI is a lifestyle that empowers you. Designed with patented technology the ZMBIZI Smartphone/SmartPOS solution consists of both hardware and software that operates a Super App Fintech led ecosystem, curated and aggregated to reward the person who uses it. ZMBIZI reward points convert to hard currency via the ZMBIZI debit card.


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